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Kiara Matthews 

Talk about 5-star restaurant quality with the comforting and familiar taste of homemade baking!! I can never have enough of WHATEVER Krumbs makes. I’m in love!

Kalifa Constantine

Scrumptious desserts and tasty breads float through my head when I hear Krumbs. Made by family for family with unique flavors, Krumbling for Krumbs!

Kevin Taitte

Krumbs equals scrumptious. Good variety for bread lovers!

Baking with Love

Krumbs is a family owned artisan bakery. We create our recipes and make them by hand. We support local suppliers and strive for quality.Our breads and other knicks and knacks are delicious and nutritious. We want to teach and share our knowledge with you! Let's Krumb together!

Saran Fournillier


Santa Cruz,

Trinidad & Tobago,



Tues - Fri: 8am - 5pm

​​Sat: 6am - 12noon